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Dapps is a boutique digital marketing firm that assists clients with a range of marketing solutions. In an ever-changing industry, we work with businesses to strategise, implement and execute smart, targeted plans that we believe will work effectively and add the most value to our clients.


Determined to put her passion for digital trends and keen eye for detail to use, Dapps was established in Auckland, NZ, by Danielle Feneridis. With valuable experience in the marketing industry and a Bachelor of Arts from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, Danielle is driven by the idea of creating successful bespoke digital marketing packages that boost and strengthen her clients' online presence. 

The importance of offering a service that is flexible and agile is what Dapps is about. Therefore, getting to know you and your company is the starting point to maximise results. From there, whether you're interested in altering an existing plan or establishing a digital one, Dapps can combine various techniques with strategic and creative thinking to drive results.