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Strategise. Implement. Execute. Analyse. 

Dapps offers a range of solutions that are carefully curated to best fit your company’s needs. It is our priority to understand you and your business, work within your means and ultimately execute a plan that drives leads, exposure and overall growth. We work hard to integrate our knowledge of current techniques and stay on top of emerging digital trends to deliver outstanding results.

Social Media

Arguably the forefront of digital trends, social media profiles are a valuable and cost effective component of any plan. A strategic technique to establish an online presence, build trust with followers, push for ROI (return on investment) and give your brand consistent exposure. We offer full or partial management of your social media accounts to effectively leverage business activity across the most appropriate platforms for your industry. In other words, we go where your customers go! 

Photography & Videography

Talented creatives on call and up for the challenge of capturing your businesses story. We offer tailored real estate packages to product content and a lot in between. As one of the most trending aspects of digital marketing, not only is video a versatile, fun and engaging but it gives customers a real-life picture. It's meaningful. Consumers find quality images and videos easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, resulting in us marketers craving the potential ROI. In this growing impersonal digital world, we're valuing a sense of connection and personality through this art.

Website & App

First impressions are important and often a website or app is the initial point of contact between your company and a potential customer. It can also be a defining point when converting customers. Our experts have a thorough understanding of the importance of user experiences, setting up SEO (search engine optimisation) and analytics when creating a quality website/app. We work with you to understand your business, visual preferences and content to create a mobile and user responsive website/app. Ongoing management is provided or if you require assistance with an existing website we can obtain access to update content, design and conduct edits when needed. 

Email Direct Marketing (EDM)

The growth of email marketing reflects the effectiveness this strategy can have in any digital plan. This form of direct marketing can be used to inform, promote, update, build trust and enhance brand image. Email groups can be tactically formed, based on factors such as demographics, industry, behaviour and new or frequent customers to name a few. Conducting email campaigns can be valuable, inexpensive option to build a client base, target various client groups and capitalise on a direct form of contact within the digital world. Monitoring the results of EDMs can assist with future email strategies, lists and conversions. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Over 90% of online searches in New Zealand are through Google, so wouldn’t it be great to be ranked on page one consistently? Search engine optimisation (SEO) can have great value to a business’ by generating awareness, leads and conversions. An increase in website traffic can be optimised by implementing a strong SEO plan. We have SEO experts with immense knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be highly ranked by Google, including on-page, off-page optimisation and content creation. Our team can assist with the SEO jargon and offer a range of options including full audits and setting up keywords to ensure your business receives the ranking it deserves.

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